AI Tools with tight MacOS integration

AI tools that tightly integrate with macOS

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AI has become deeply integrated into today’s society, and I have no qualms about acknowledging that I heavily rely on AI. While AI may not be able to solve every problem, it undeniably makes life a little easier, be it for tasks such as writing, coding, or even answering general questions. With AI, almost anything can be simplified.

Most people probably use AI chatbots directly on the web or on their phones. Certainly, this is an easy and cheap way to go about it.

Using AI directly on the desktop makes things even easier. Instead of the AI being only available in the browser, it can be accessible anywhere and on any application. Why limit it to the browser when it can be used from locally installed word processors, spreadsheets, writing tools, and so on?

There are tools that you can install that provide an interface into AI. Some examples of these tools include Typing Mind, BoltAI, and others. However, these tools only offer interfaces into the AI and do not require the use of a browser.

The tool I’m talking about is an integrated tool in the OS that you can summon whenever you want, no matter which app you’re using. You can use it to summarize files, make formulas in Excel, write a letter in Word, code in your favorite IDE, and more.

You might be wondering why you would need such a tool when you can access ChatGPT directly. The main reason is that you can use it in any application, not just within the browser. This allows for easy integration of AI into all desktop apps.

Two of my favorite tools are Elephas and Triplo.


Triplo AI — Unlock the Power of AI everywhere on your OS

Triplo AI stands out for its AI assistance that can be accessed from any application on the device. It provides instant answers and insights, helping with content generation, decision-making, and learning new material in real-time. It is useful for creating content and staying updated with the latest trends.

I love the pre-made AI prompts from Triplo AI. Using these prompts saves me time and helps me generate successful results without thinking of long…



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