YouTube video Summarization and Notes with Chrome Extensions

Discover the ultimate tools and extensions to effortlessly summarize YouTube videos and unlock a world of efficient information consumption.

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YouTube offers a vast selection of educational and informative videos, including tutorials, lectures, and interviews. However, many of these videos are lengthy, making it hard for viewers to absorb all the information. Watching long videos can be time-consuming, which discourages people from viewing them or they simply don’t have the time, thus preventing them from consuming these videos.

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem. In this blog post, we will look at some Chrome extensions that can help us to quickly and effectively get the main points from YouTube videos.

Most applications are free, but I’ll also discuss some paid apps or subscriptions. These could provide more features or make tasks simpler.

Extension 1: Summary for Google/YouTube with ChatGPT

This summarization tool is free to use. You don’t need an OpenAI API key, but you must log in to ChatGPT on your browser. Use your own OpenAI API key for more reliable service, if you prefer.

You can choose a light or dark theme, set the language, or let the system detect it automatically. You can also customize the prompt.

This extension has earned extremely high reviews in the Google Chrome store. It does an excellent job of summarizing and is absolutely free!

These are all the features:

  • Generates bullet point summaries for articles
  • Customizable ChatGPT prompt
  • Supports OpenAI API Key and ChatGPT login



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